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Spray Painting

Spray Painting Services in Richmond

Trust in Richmond’s best in professional and affordable spray painting services, to leave your car looking better than ever. Spray painting is a highly skilled role, and our painters are amongst the very best in the business. They have a huge wealth of experience and routinely undertake additional training to remain current with the very latest developments in paint technologies.

We are famous for the rich, liquid colours and deep, brilliant gloss paint finishes we achieve. Much of our success comes from using European, state of the art Glasurit Paint – unmatched for colour accuracy, finish and durability.

We use Lowbake ovens because of their innovative infrared heating systems, which dramatically reduce energy consumption and paint drying times.

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Our Spray Painting Process

The painting process begins with priming and sanding to ensure a smooth, durable surface, free of any imperfections. The vehicle is then prepared, cleaned, masked and moved into one of our low baked ovens. The existing paint colour is precisely matched, and the colour and clear protective top-coats are applied before baking.

After baking the vehicle is thoroughly inspected, any micro imperfections are corrected, and the car is hand polished to a beautiful deep gloss.